Vertical Vision

2003 Warner Brothers Records

_1. Circa 1990_(McBride)_:16
_2. Technicolor Nightmare_(McBride)_8:26
_3. Tahitian Pearl_(Geoffery Keezer)_6:26
_4. The Wizard of Montara_(McBride)_3:40
_5. The Ballad of Little Girl Dancer_(McBride)_5:38
_6. Lejos de Usted_(McBride)_4:52
_7. Precious One_(Geoffrey Keezer)_5:54
_8. Song For Maya_(Ron Blake)_4:08
_9. Boogie Woogie Waltz_(Joe Zawinul)_9:09

Christian McBride_acoustic & electric basses
Ron Blake
_tenor, soprano saxophones & flute
Geoffrey Keezer
_piano & keyboards
Terreon Gully_drums
David Gilmore_acoustic & electric guitars
Danny Sadownick_percussion

Produced by Christian McBride

Recorded and mixed by Joe Ferla
Recorded June 14-16 2002 at Right Track recording, New York City

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